Skocjan cave
Skocjan cave 1
Lipica stud farm

Lipica, Škocjan Caves, karst terrain at a glance

The City of Lipica is an important equestrian center from the times of the Habsburgs, which is located on the karst plateau in the western part of Slovenia. The main attraction of Lipica is a stud farm, where they have been breeding the world famous horses since the 16th century – Lipicanci.  After visiting the stud farm you will also see the historic core of Lipica with the castle and the oldest barn Velbanco. You will have the unique opportunity to observe the horses in the pasture.

Our journey will continue through the karst landscape to the famous attraction nearby: the Škocjan Caves, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Škocjan Caves system consists of caves, through which the Reka River flows, which represent the most important underground phenomenon in the Karst. The most famous is the Vilenica Cave, an approximately 1,300 m long cave which is probably the oldest tourist cave in the world, as guided tours have been organised since the year 1633.