Trieste, Miramare Castle, Piran, Portorož

Mediterranean fairy tale

Upon arriving in Trieste, we drive to the Miramare Castle, which was commissioned in 1860 by the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg and built as a residence for himself and his wife. You can take a nice walk to admire the park and visit the castle. It offers today’s visitors an example of a luxurious aristocratic residence which has preserved its original furnishings. Experience the Mediterranean fairy tale and visit the beautiful seaport city of Piran, also known as small Venice. You can stroll through the old town, Tartini Square until the viewing point overlooking the church of St. George with a view of three countries – Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. Piran is also known for its excellent seafood. Afterwards you can also enjoy the beauty of the nearby modern capital of Slovenian tourism – Portorož.