Multi-day Tours

Velika Planina by photographer Aleš Frelih

Slovenia – The Green Heart of Europe

We are inviting you to a voyage in Slovenia with easier trips to our mountains, excellent wine degustations, dinners at typical Slovenian ecological farms, visits to natural landmarks such as caves, mountain lakes and gorges, rafting, and sightseeing of towns and castles. Slovenia is the only country in Europe that includes the Alps, the Mediterranean world, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. Read more…

Former Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia was a country which existed as a kingdom from 1918 until 1941 and afterwards as a socialist country from 1943 until 1991. Yugoslavia was an amazing mix of people, languages, religions, cultures, history and geography.  In 1991 Yugoslavia broke up into new countries, therefore, we invite you to explore them.

Best of Slovenia in 6 nights

Slovenia is a relatively new country on the map of Europe with great tradition and extraordinary diversity for you to explore. From the Adriatic coast and spectacular underground caves, to the picturesque Alpine mountains and valleys, this pocket country offers you an unforgettable experience. Discover the beauty of Slovenia’s green scenery, vibrancy of historical towns and uniqueness of culinary delights.

Family Program in Slovenia

What better way to bond with your family members than to take a mesmerising retreat in Slovenia? Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of Ljubljana, relax in Slovenia’s best thermal spas, jump across the country’s borders to Venice and Trieste, and create unforgettable memories to pass on to the next generations.


Austria-Hungary (the “Dual Monarchy”) was a dualistic state, which was created after the constitutional reform of the Austrian Empire in 1867 and existed until 1918.

Best of Mini Balkan

Starting your tour in the middle of the Green Heart of Europe, be amazed by the raw beauty of the land that produced so much history, become surprised at the locals’ warmth and generosity, and unravel the story of Slavic (dis)unity as you travel through famous places like the Plitvice National Park, Dubrovnik, Budva, Kotor, Sarajevo and Split.