Postojna Cave
Postojna cave
Predjama Castle

Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

The biggest classical karst cave with as much as 20 kilometres long cave system is the most visited cave in Europe and one of the largest karst monuments of the world. Guided tour of the cave includes walking and driving by an underground train, where you will be able to admire 5 kilometres of tunnels, passages and spectacular halls. The illuminated trail leads through the Great Mountains (Kalvarije) across the Russian bridge, which was built by Russian prisoners during First World War in 1916, to the beautiful caves, consisting of Tubes’ Hall, White Hall and Red Hall – until Brilliant Passage, where the most famous stalagmite Brilliant, the symbol of the Postojna Cave, is located. In a large concert hall, you will see an aquarium with human fish, the most famous cave animals in the world. They are the largest and the only type of underground vertebrates in Europe, which were believed to be dragon babies.

Our excursion will conclude with a tour of the mighty Predjama Castle from the 12th century, which is mounted on a 123 m high cliff above the Lokva River. There are many legends which tell about the castle and its knights. The most famous of them all is the story of knight Erasmus Predjamski, who rebelled in the 15th century against the emperor and became the first Slovenian Robin Hood.