Ljubljana to Venice


Did you know the distance between Ljubljana and Venice is only about 240 km?

Slovenia is a small and well-connected country with a central location in Europe, which makes travelling to its neighbouring countries especially easy and convenient. Using Slovenia’s small size as an advantage, we will take you on a day trip from Ljubljana to Venice, the city of marble palaces.

Venice, with its canals and prestigious palaces, is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities and most popular destinations in the world. Just a few hours’ drive from Slovenia, it is a perfect day trip for you to take during your stay in Ljubljana. Come along with us on a mesmerising sightseeing tour of the Queen of the Adriatic!

Leaving Ljubljana in the early morning hours, we will drive through the beautiful scenery of south-western Slovenia and pass by a few of Slovenia’s lovely towns and villages while approaching the Mediterranean coast.

Upon arriving in Venice, our guide will take you on a tour of this wonderful lagoon port, which is also the capital of the Veneto region. You will get to see the famous St. Mark’s Square and Basilica with its exceptional gold mosaics, the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge, the Doge’s Palace and the evocative Bridge of Sighs, and much more.

While walking to St. Mark’s Square and around the town, you will get to feel the romantic Venetian ambience and admire its attractions along the way. While it can be hard sometimes to find your way around the narrow streets of Venice, our guide will make it a piece of cake to navigate them! On your way back, you can choose to either walk some more or take a vaporetto ride – one of the staples of Venice!

We will, of course, also find some time to enjoy high-end shopping, delightful coffee and delicious tiramisu.

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What to see in Venice

Venice is a true feast for the eyes that never disappoints! Definitely a must-see when in Venice, the Grand Canal (Canal Grande) amazes with its reflections of the glorious Venetian architecture situated by its banks. Doge’s palace is one the most prominent attractions, which captures its visitors with intriguing history, architecture and heavenly views from the Bridge of Sighs.

What to do in Venice

To discover the world-famous Venetian culture, there are numerous museums, art galleries, palazzos and palaces you can visit. The heart of Venice is by St. Mark’s Square with its Basilica and Campanile San Marco, with cafés and restaurants nearby. If you wish to ride a bit further away than the canals, you can take a trip to the lagoon islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Where to go in Venice

Exploring the canals of Venice is an all-encompassing experience. By walking along the canals or taking a boat ride on the Grand Canal, you get to enjoy a beautiful parade of fascinating buildings, monuments and picturesque scenery around each and every corner of this magical town. If you want more, you can take a ride by vaporetto, gondola, water taxi or motor boat.